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  • Faster implementation of applications with
  • Fewer total costs
  • Scripts are combinable
  • Creation of customer-defined masks
  • Implementation of customer-specific requirements such as text changes with inputs and outputs, reading from the ERP system, and much more.
  • Control of additional peripherals
  • Custom communication protocols

Special Scripts

In order to realize special applications, our machines are equipped with the special feature that its behavior is only controlled via a script.


If an application goes beyond the standard range, you will hardly be able to avoid a special solution. The problem is often that this will be a lenghty and costly undertaking because the basic software of the printer has to be modified. For this reason, the entive behavior of the printer is outsourced to a so called script.

This offers the following advantages


Technical Data

User Defined Forms
free variable Calculation (e.g. Datecode)
TCP Server / Client  Connection
Serial COMPort Connection
BarcodeScanner Connection
User Defined Software protocols
DataFile Local/Network read
DataFile Local/Network write
AxisControl Step/Direction
Position Accurate  Outputs (e.g. Cutting Signals)
OCR/Code Camera Synchronisation
User Defined Logging
Grafictools PrintBuffer
Set Text/CodeObject Contents
Buffering variable Data
Printstate-synchronised Processing