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Unique production monitoring software with a very wide range of functions.


The marking requirements plays an essential role in the production process. It is important to monitor the status of the machines and to ensure that the correct text is applied to the product at all times. Therefore our CodeManager system offers:


  • Texts can be set in the office or loaded from an ERP system
  • Texts are stored in a central location
  • The operator at the production line only has to scan a barcode, e.g. of a production order
  • The text assigned to this job is then loaded
  • All events, such as loading a text, as well as printer-specific messages are recorded centrally and can also be sent automatically by email
  • Texts serve as templates, variable data can be easily managed with a data table


  • A seperate tiled window is created for each machine, which is filled with the current status, the loaded text, the product counter, etc.
  • Machine tiles can be arranged in useful sections such as production halls, lines, etc.
  • In the tile there is a local menu, under which the surface of the machine can be opened, as well as logos, fonts, etc. transferred
  • Each machine contains production statistics which can be opened in the menu
  • The system has a password manager that supports different user levels




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About us!

We are a team of specialists for the inkjet sector. Our competence extends far beyond the standard, because we feel comfortable especially with special applications!